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Jonny Tristram

Singer Songwriter

From the small town of Northwich, in Cheshire, England.

Over two decades on the road, Jonny has performed on stages, streets, sofas and cruise ships in more than 30 different countries.


Jonny was visiting his Aunt, some 5000 miles away in Houston Texas and attending open mics, in the bay area of Kemah during 2003 and it was then that he was inspired by the generous gift of a brand new acoustic guitar.

"I set about teaching myself  to play acoustic guitar with the help of YouTube and sites for guitar chords. I was taking songs I'd always known and loved and reworking them to however felt and sounded right to me"

"This later led to writing songs, but for different reasons, I found writing to be a kind of therapy for me; a release of emotions"


What followed was years of travel playing in UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Norway, all over the USA and onboard the worlds largest cruise ships, travelling across Europe and the Caribbean. 


Almost a lifetime on the open road has now landed  Jonny on the shores of Cornwall, ready to let loose on a summer of live performances throughout Cornwall & Devon

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